Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Peasant with Ruffle Pants

It has taken me awhile to post this...ugh.  I LOVE these photos.  Kelsey Lantz took them and you should definitely check her out here.  Amelia loves this outfit and begged me not to sell it because she wants to keep it for herself :)  But, I can make more!  It has elastic shirring around the neckline, sleeves and chest.  It can be worn as a dress or long peasant over pants. It can be worn with or without the sash...this outfit is so versatile.  This one is made with Heather Bailey's Pop Garden fabrics.  I love all the color!
Without the pants
Detail of the bottom hem
Detail of the neckline


  1. Adorable....maybe I do need a little girl after all. :)

  2. Super cute! Is this for sale on your etsy site?

  3. So... could you possibly make this in size 8?! I LOVE it! And would you ship to Australia?? I would love to purchase this outfit for my daughter.

  4. I love this outfit! My little girl needs this!

  5. Hi Audra!!! I got to your site through Bring the Rain... And ... I LOVE your creations! Especially this one. I also love the pillow case dresses that you've made. I Made matching ones for my girls last year but I have to confess that they don't look nearly as nice as yours do. :) You're doing a great job! :)