Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dora Dresses

I made 2 of these sweet dresses for one of my LONG time friends ;)  It was a custom item that she wanted for her daughter and a friend's daughter.  I have altered several pillowcase patterns to come up with my own.  They are such a simple dress that I think they need to be fully lined.  I also have had issues with washing dresses such as these in the past because the ribbons fray and get stringy.  So, I use elastic in the neckline and tie the bows on for easy removal.  Then you don't have to rethread the neckline after washing either!  I don't normally use liscenced fabric (fabric with characters) but I have to say these came out really cute AND now my daughter won't stop asking me for a Dora dress.  I can't complain about that because I know she probably won't like my homemade clothes for that many years, right?  I also have seen some REALLY cute Olivia fabric.  We love Olivia books in our house and the illustrations are fabulous.  I don't think this is the one I saw, but it is cute too...with a black/white polka dot or a red/white polka dot?...
this may be the one I saw...cute! They have it in pink as well...
In other news...I have labels now!  A fantastic shop on Etsy "Mommie Made It" helped me with these.  An inside label as well as a side seam tag.  I am very happy with them.  Here are some pics!

The image is a nest with 3 little eggs in it behind the font. I do not have a completely solid answer as to why I chose this image.  But I love it.  To me it is just a symbol of creation.  I also love images of birds and nests and songs about birds (have you ever listened to Elizabeth Mitchell?  Little Bird or 3 Little Birds?) Anyway, I like it and I hope you do too!

Happy Labor Day!


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  2. Sorry about the deletion! I sent my questions to you in an email instead!! Love your blog!!

  3. *gasp*

    First, your blog is PRECIOUS! I stumbled here through another blog and I am ADORING your work!

    If you DO make an Olivia dress, I know a few little girls that will need one! I'll keep my eyes on your Etsy site.

    Keep up the incredible sewing!