Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feelin' the Love

A special thank you to Angie and to those of you popping in from Angie's blog. Since she made mention of my new little business endeavor I have had a huge amount of traffic and orders are keeping me busy, busy, busy!  I love it.  It is exciting and so much fun to create for your little ones.  I am not only excited about fulfilling orders, but am grateful for all of the emails, comments, and words of support and encouragement.  Perhaps someday I will share my story and struggles of motherhood and you will understand even moreso how sewing has been a gift from God...literally.  I am very grateful for this gift.  Here are some orders that went out this afternoon!  Hope you all enjoy your new creations :)


  1. He has truly blessed you with a gift! Thanks for sharing your gift, time, and talents with the internet!

  2. We just love the dress you made for our little one, Kenlee. You did an amazing job...God has given you such a gift!!