Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Fall Y'All!

My FAVORITE time of the year for sewing is the fall.  I absolutely love the rich colors of autumn.  Chocolate brown, pumpkin orange, greens, yellows and Halloween.  I love halloween prints.  Not sure what it is.  Maybe it is the nostalgic feelings that are arise when I see them.  Halloween was always my favorite holiday growing up.  My mom always sewed up some fantastic creation and let me wear a lot of makeup :)  So, without further are some fall items in the shop right now!

The first is a vintage inspired Alexander Henry fabric.  I love it.  But, unfortunately I don't have much of it.  It is paired with a black/orange and cream argyle print.

And, this next one is a halloween costume.  The Juliet Gnome Dress inspired by "Gnomeo & Juliet".  I actually had a sweet customer request this as a custom item and it turned out so darn cute that I added it to the shop and I am happy that you are all liking it as well!

And I have relisted a fall favorite from last year.  I bought extra fabric at the end of last fall because I love this fabric SO much.  It is fabulous for fall family photos and pumpkin patch photos!!

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