Friday, May 27, 2011

"Little Firecracker" Peasant Top

"Little Firecracker" Peasant Top and denim ruffle capris
 Well, it is officially summer in most of the country...we have arrived in Colorado Springs and I am learning that summer is not always 95 degrees and humid everywhere :) We are settling into our new home and I have unpacked all of the sewing gear (*sigh of relief*) and begun creating things for my house and satisfying my need to sew by making shower curtains, drapes, etc. But, I am getting ready to open up the etsy shop again. Here is one of my newest creations that has the 4th of July in mind but is simply adorable enough to wear all summer long if not all year long!  It is made with Anna Maria Horner's "Innocent Crush" line paired with a blue/white dot.  Enjoy!

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