Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am not sure exactly when the decision was made or how it all came about because it has happened SO QUICKLY!  But...our family is moving to Colorado Springs from Nashville!  When, you ask?  IN 3 WEEKS.  This is an ALL CAP worthy note.  I am feeling the pressure of packing and finding a home and wrapping up sewing projects.  So, I have cleared many things out of the Etsy store and I am keeping things to a minimum.  But, only for a short time!  I am hoping (and I know myself and that sewing IS my sanity) that by beginning to mid-May I will have a sewing spot set up and ready to go.  PLEASE come back and visit the shop and see some pics of our adventures across country to Colorado here on the blog.


  1. How wonderful is that!! Colorado!! WOW!!!!Happy Trails to you guys!! Looking forward to more awesome sewing projects from Colorado!! I'm definitely will be "moving" with ya!! :) When you get settled *which will be for awhile from now* I sent you pics from the party!

  2. We live in Colorado Springs and it is awesome here! I love your blog. I am also a sewer and Etsy shop owner. Good luck with the move!