Thursday, October 21, 2010


The first long awaited Christmas Dress!  I have had a very hard time finding fabric that I feel is vintage enough, sweet enough, not too cheesy, not too Christmasy, but still Christmas...and this is what I have come up with!  The 12 Days of Christmas in a sweet, vintage, maids-a-milking kind of dress.  LOVE!
The fabric is a simply sweet toile with an ivory background and teal, black, olive and red accents depicting the 12 days of Christmas. 
Is is designed by Sharon Sowell for Clothworks and it is HARD TO FIND!  So, if you are interested in this dress you need to let me know ASAP :)  It features a round apron with a red or teal bias edge (depending on the sleeve color).  I am going to make my older daughter this dress with teal sleeves to change it up a bit.  The back ties for a vintage look.  Finally...the apron is embellished with hand designed ornaments for the final holiday touch.  This dress will sell for $50.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Adorable! Would love to see something for a boy in this fabric!

  2. I love this dress! What sweet fabric!